An ON LINE program for PARENTS whose children are enrolled in

JK/SK French/French Immersion programs.

Dear Parent(s),

The decision to enroll a child in a French or French Immersion program is never taken lightly by any parent. Some are well prepared for it due to their proficiency in French. Some are not, but are willing to get some help in order to accompany their children on their journey to become fully bilingual.

If you belong to the second category and you have the will, we will help you find the way. Therefore, we would like to make you aware of our ON LINE PROGRAM that is offered to you, individually, in the convenience of your own home.

The program consists of:

- 2 lessons each month based on a simple and useful vocabulary, depending on the level of each individual, to make parents feel at ease speaking and using the French Language with their children.

- Each lesson is made up of a short dialogue/text, a set of questions and answers and the audio for the three components.

- A bi-weekly 15 minutes review of the vocabulary covered in the lesson in order to help the student feel more at ease in using the new vocabulary. This review will be done via SKYPE or GOOGLE HANGOUTS at a convenient time for both, the parent and the instructor.

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French Courses for Parents of JK/SK Children (1 month, $20)
French Courses for Parents of JK/SK Children (3 month, $60)

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